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Verona Desk
Organization Collection


This desk organization collection for U Brands is the next evolution of my "Juliet" desk org collection. For this collection update I was inspired by clean Scandinavian and Japanese design and utilized natural wood, ceramic, and matte black metal. 

In the development of this product launch at Target, we received direction that they wanted the collection have home decor inspired items to help round out the look of the endcap display. We then developed a clock, bookends, faux plant planter, and lamp to round out the collection. As a company who only creates organizational products, this was our first big venture into more home-decor product categories. 

One of the biggest issues we ran into with the Juliet Collection was quality control at the factory level of our production pieces. To avoid this issue I re-did all of the wood joinery for this collection to make it both more easy for the factory to manufacture and to be higher quality for our customers. 

This collection launched in a Target endcap January 1st 2023. 

Modeled in Rhino, Rendered in Keyshot Vray. Photography by U Brands. 

Mood Board 

Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 9.18.48 PM.png

Monitor Stand

Desk Organizer


Photo Tray


Drawer Organizers 


Faux Globe Succulent 


Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp


Book Ends 

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