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Office Caddy


During the 2020 pandemic, we at U Brands began to ideate on what the future of working from home/ hybrid working looked like.


One of the biggest pain points of the work from home experience that we tried to solve was the act of converting of various home spaces into working environments and then cleaning it all up quickly at the end of the day. Most home office organizers are designed to be stationary displays of organization and are not conducive to work at a non desk setting. I saw that caddies were already a trend in home organization but I couldn't find one really suited for a work environment and so I decided to design a caddy that would fit all of your work essentials and could easily be brought into a space and packed away at the end of the day. 

The final office caddy is designed to fit file folders, magazines, pens/pencils, as well as has a pop out tray for small accessories that has enough space underneath for clunky desk items such as tape dispensers or staplers. The wooden handle was added for a more home-decor touch and has a slot to reduce the size of the overall product on shelf and in home. 

This item launched at Office Depot and Walmart and inspired other office caddies for future collections. 


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