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Hearth and Hand Recipe Book  


At U Brands, often we are asked to develop projects for Target's own brands. This is one of those special projects that I developed for them. 

They came to us looking for a recipe book journal for their Hearth and Home Collection. They wanted something that could stand up on its own without a complicated and bulky mechanism at a low cost. They also wanted to have no visible spiral binding when the book was closed. Normally, we would put up a "pop up" card stock insert, but this option was too costly to manufacture and difficult due with the binding that they wanted. After some thought, I came up with a ribbon and snap "pop up" mechanism  that leveraged our manufacturer's abilities and reduced labor for a reduced cost.

I worked with the graphic design team to ensure that the design and production matched the vision provided by Target's team. 


This project was developed during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic. Since I was working from home at the time, I created some quick proof of concept mockups with some old cardboard boxes, masking tape, and my U Brands journal. We ended up using these photographs to help explain the mechanism to the factory. 

Initial CAD + Renders

Final Photography 

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