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Board Frame Extrusions


Boards are our largest and most mature product category at U Brands and we are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with new profiles and functions to keep up with home decor trends. 

In 2019, I created many different frame profiles to add to our fleet. This development process was so bountiful that I haven't needed to re-develop our frame profiles since. Out of this process we have brought 5 new profiles to our major retailers: The Bold Angle, The Ascend, the MOD MDF PINIT, the Modern Pill Aluminum, and The Neutra Thin Plastic PINIT.

All of these frame profiles utilize MDF of Aluminum extrusion manufacturing. 

Initial Sketching

Profile Cutaway Renders 

3D printing and Testing


Bold Angle Frame Photography

Ascend Frame Photography

MOD MDF PINIT Frame Photography

MOD Pill Aluminum Frame